"Mirror": the Spring-Summer 2018 season. / Max Mara & Marina Rinaldi in Uzbekistan  

The Max Mara and Marina Rinaldi Spring-Summer collections, exclusively presented by "Mirror Boutique," reflect the dominant trends of the season: denim and sports themes, floral prints and urbanism, glitter and transparent textures, and shades of lavender and logo mania.


The MaxMara Spring-Summer collection is a celebration of elegance and hedonism. The designers made a choice in favor of the modern urban style, while retaining the main markers – laconicism and classical tailoring – that can be soft and even romantic.


The basis of the collection is the dark romanticism of Baudelaire's poetry. Traditional strict suits and monochrome images are diluted with spring floral prints. A predominance of lavender, beige and dark gray shades.


The collection’s special accent is made on multi-layered organza, imitating the penetration of sunlight through city frontages in the middle of summer. The brand presents trenches and suits, short male style coats, and denim jackets that can be worn with trousers, a la garcon, shirts, maxi skirts, trousers with arrows, midi skirts, denim jumpsuits, ragged sweaters (a pinch of grunge and street style), and cozy cardigans, as well as dresses with a floral print. The designers paid tribute to the revered on the runway’s logo mania: read a pattern from the archival Max Mara logo on bags and skinny trousers.


The Spring-Summer renewal from the Marina Rinaldi point of view should be great and focus on contrasting colors. The collection presents several categories, in each of which are suits for different occasions:  work, leisure, sport and casual.


Lost Paradise: Spectacular suits, decorated with floral prints, fit well into a wardrobe intended for relaxation.


Feel the Summer Feel: A line of light flowing fabrics and denim.


Between the Lines: Black and white suits in a sporting style. Monochrome diluted with bright shades of red. Pullovers, tunics, trousers, and jackets created for a cool summer evening.


Denim Remix: Elongated jackets, blouses, denim skirts, cardigan, office style jackets, and jeans.


Eternally Splendid: Seductive translucent dresses and blouses, elegant trouser suits, and classic skirts. An effective combination of bold details and a strict cut.

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