MIRROR: Autumn-winter 2014-2015 / Max Mara & Marina Rinaldi in Uzbekistan  

Autumn cannot be without the soft and calm colors that are replacing the riot of summer colors.  What else can turn cold winter weekdays into a daily parade of elegance and style except a wardrobe update? As for fashion, women's choices are always unmistakable.  Max Mara and Marina Rinaldi offer the most accurate and easy answers to the eternal female question - what to wear?
The theme of the new Max Mara collection is calm and muted colors, classic cuts and silhouettes inspired by the 40s of the last century. The designers offer for wear puffer jackets and warm vests. The heat of the Max Mara season is the trench coat: on top is a puffy warm coat and under that is a matching coat.  The basics in your wardrobe are recognizable by the brand’s light coat of fine cashmere in sand or gray shades, without buttons, with broad belts tied in a bow on the side of the waist. In addition, elongated silhouette sweaters, knee length skirts, and a topcoat can create an interesting image. The new season is made interesting by sleeveless trench coats, tunics, bright golden wide shirts in men's style, and olive over knee length dresses.  Trendy accessories include golden alligator shoes with low heels, "gold" collars, contrasting bags, and clutches.
The main trend of Marina Rinaldi – for the autumn-winter season is femininity that is emphasized by silhouettes, details, fabrics and accessories. This fall luxurious women wrap into luxurious dresses: long and draped sexy glam gowns with shiny appliques that emphasize feminine curves and casual dresses made out of jersey and wool. Loose slacks and voluminous fur details, such as a boa add elegance and an extravagant chic to the look. The main trends this season are transparent expensive lace and colored fur. Soft and fluffy sweaters, classic jackets and pleated cotton skirts will cheer up the autumn mood. Of course, we cannot do without a new coat: this season they are in bright or muted colors of alpaca wool trimmed with silver fox furor tweed and cashmere, with or without a hood. An impressive range of shades is featured, from raspberry to blue and dark brown, from gray to camel and purple, from gold to a deep shade of aqua. The leader of classic design remains - black.
Your imagination can be limitless but indulge yourself of the professional advice of the stylists of Mirror boutique. Create your trendy new portrait and enjoy every day of fall and winter!

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