MIRROR. Spring-Summer 2014 / Max Mara & Marina Rinaldi in Uzbekistan  


MIRROR. Spring-Summer 2014

The trends of the spring and summer of 2014 are femininity and elegance with a reasonable portion of sexuality and coquetry, in line with the expectations of the beautiful half of humanity. Designers rely on flowing soft fabrics, narrowed or relaxed silhouettes, cropped pants and skirts, stylish, clean colors and elegant decor. Relevant lace, pleats, layered ensembles, and matching accessories are the trends of this summer.

The Spring-Summer 2014 Max Mara collection pays homage to its traditions: feminine lines, concise strict silhouettes, and calm colors. The collection is divided into two parts. First, there is a series of ensembles in neutral colors: light cashmere dresses, tight and incredibly elegant spring coats with cropped sleeves, trousers, elongated jackets, tops and blouses, dresses, shirts, and off shoulder T-shirts.

The second part of the collection will please the fans of bright summer colors: purple and turquoise midi dresses, orange and fuchsia colored suits, jackets, skirts, pants, and matching accessories.

Other trends of this season are powdery pastel shades or bright, clean colors, soft silhouettes at mid-calf length, layering, and minimalism. Details include translucent pantyhose, sandals, and patent leather. Accessories include large clutches, cashmere scarves, and sunglasses. The color palate is cream, light gray, gold, orange, purple, emerald green, and blue. Accents are created with pencil skirts with suspenders, cashmere dresses, and suits with shorts.

In the Spring-Summer collection, Marina Rinaldi incorporated the most current fashion trends, which are ideal for size plus ladies. Characteristic prints, noble blacks, bright and unexpected contrasts, special textures and cuts, and slimming color accents lend the collection its elegance with an essential hint of summer recklessness. Dresses, suits, trousers, flowing fabrics, blouses and tops, emphasize excellent shape, but cleverly mask a figures flaws. The accessories and details play the leading role: big jewelry - necklaces and handbags, scarves, lace decor, and accented waists. The main fabrics of this collection are chiffon, silk, viscose, and jersey.

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