О бутике / Max Mara & Marina Rinaldi in Uzbekistan  

Today the new philosophy of luxury is simplicity, sophistication, and uniqueness. Having become tired of the profusion of shininess, tinsel, and sequins, more and more enthusiasts of style prefer elegant restraint and superior quality. That is the position of Max Mara and Marina Rinaldi.
On the eve of the opening of the new boutique, Enrico Fontana, brand-manager of Max Mara, visited our capital. Mr. Fontana supervises the markets of Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Africa, and the Middle and Central Asia.
Successful cooperation between the Podium Italia company and Max Mara directly depended on Mr. Fontana’s so-called "X-ray examination" of the market. Enrico Fontana made no secret of his first impressions about our country; brilliant colors of ancient cities, delicious Uzbek pilaf, and tremendous Central Asian hospitality. However, the main conclusions were made after detailed study and scanning of the potential market. Having evaluated the proposed conditions for the presentation of Max Mara and Marina Rinaldi in Tashkent, Enrico Fontana expressed a sincere desire for further cooperation.
 Max Mara makes beautiful and comfortable clothing for ordinary women who appreciate style and elegance, and who know the balance between the price and quality. Clean lines, perfect cuts and the comfort of Max Mara clothing attract the attention and affection many women around the world.  Many celebrities, such as Liv Tyler, Andie MacDowell, Isabella Rosellini, Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, and many others are fans of this brand.
The new look of ready-to-wear clothing is as fresh and simple as all genius is: there are no stones, paste, feathers, or chic and shine, but high craftsmanship and close attention to every detail.
The iconic creation of Max Mara is the cashmere coat; easily adaptable to different situations and styles. A perfect combination of colors, ideas, fabrics makes every woman look like one of a kind.
Max Mara has a few different lines: Sportmax - the line of elegant clothes for young people, Weekend by Max Mara - the line of informal clothes for leisure, Pianoforte line – for evenings and special occasions, and Max and Co - casual clothes.
The Marina Rinaldi line is the first and only brand to produce “Plus Size” clothes that have received worldwide recognition. This brand is known for its unique development of designing for women whose size is far from Podium standards. Its magnificent motto is “Size doesn’t matter; only style matters.”
Stretch fabric, special cuts, buckles and zippers, and side slits make any clothing look elegant.  The designers of the Marina Rinaldi brand know very well the most delicate wishes of their clients and create many details such as boleros, scarves, and cardigans that make women look thinner. They have created a special size chart between size 17 and 33.
Celebrities who wear “non-standard" sizes prefer Marina Rinaldi clothes.  Among the most remarkable dresses on the red carpet was a white satin dress from Marina Rinaldi that Queen Latifah was wearing.
The designers of Marina Rinaldi pay special attention to footwear, producing shoes for wide feet. The philosophy of the brand, making clothes for Big Beautiful Women, extends to the interior of its boutiques: fitting rooms are usually separate from the main hall. The new boutique, Mirror follows this tradition, but at the same time has very exceptional ideas, including mirrors covering the entire space of the boutique.

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